Leanne Cantelon

A few things about me: I love pasta. I love every kind of competition, whether it's stacking chairs, or seeing who can get the highest score on an iPhone game. I find it difficult to get anything else done when I start reading a good book. When I laugh I look very Asian (I am actually only half Chinese). I love my church. I love music - making it, writing it, playing it, listening to it. I love my husband - his name is Sam and he is the best.

I'm somewhere in the middle of the scale when it comes to introversion/extroversion, yet I somehow end up being massively expressive every time I'm behind a camera. So, I promise to make LOTS of excited noises while taking your photos! The best part about taking pictures is that I get to show you what we can often miss when we look at ourselves...the beauty that happens in every in-between moment.

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