1. Who is Elle&R and will my photos look the same no matter which photographer I choose?
Elle&R is made up of several different photographers. We share a similar eye and taste in photos, though each of us have our own quirks with a camera. To ensure the same quality and style of image, we all also share the same camera gear and use the same post-processing software.

2. Is the photographer I meet with the one who does my wedding?
Yes. We like to build relationship with our clients, and we often spend much of our time meeting simply getting to know YOU! So, rest assured that the face you see first is the one you'll see on your big day. 

3. Do you always shoot in pairs?
Although we are NOT joined at the hip, we do enjoy shooting in pairs. For weddings we ALWAYS shoot in pairs. No exception. However, for portrait and other photography requests, we send one photographer unless otherwise discussed.

4. What kind of location should I choose for portraits?
It is always fun to go to a place that is meaningful to you. Where did you meet? Where do you like hanging out? Otherwise, we can shoot in whatever location you can think of...mountains, fields, lakes, barns, beaches, cityscapes, cafes, houses, forests, we love them all. And, we can help. If you're stuck for a location, give us some key words that describe you and we can give you some ideas. 

5. What kind of stuff do I bring to a shoot?
Don't be shy about bringing lots of clothes options....maybe not your whole closet....but, a couple outfits is perfect. 

6. How long until I have my photos in hand?
The digital files of wedding photos are usually delivered within a month, and the digital files engagement/portrait photos within two weeks.

7. What equipment do you shoot with?
We have a few Canon 5D Mark III's that we use regularly, as well as Canon 6D's and  Canon 5D Mark 11 bodies that we use for backups. As for lenses, we shoot almost exclusively with L-series prime lenses.